Mr Tim Sweere

Tim SweerePostgraduate Student


Educational background:
2014 – present: DPhil student, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford
2011-2013: MSc Geochemistry and Palaeoclimatology, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
2008-2011: BSc Earth Sciences, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

The aim of my project is to evaluate the role of nutrient cycling and organic carbon production in driving intervals of widespread organic carbon burial. Several of such intervals in the Mesozoic have been associated with rapid globarming, perturbations to floral and faunal diversity and the expansion of low-oxygen marine environments and were responsible for the formation of a significant proportion of known marine hydrocarbon reserves. The combined use of isotope-based nutrient tracers (Cd, Zn) and established geochemical proxies has the potential to provide information on nutrient cycling and primary productivity rates of past oceans and will therefore be applied to a range of sites and intervals.

Supervisors: Prof Hugh Jenkyns, Dr Alex Dickson, Prof Gideon Henderson, Dr Don Porcelli and Dr Sander van den Boorn (Shell)