Dr Qingfeng Meng

Qingfeng Meng

Postgraduate Student

Email: qingfeng.meng@earth.ox.ac.uk

Research interests

I have a broad interest in structural geology and sedimentary geology. My main interest lies in the cross-disciplinary research of structural diagenesis, focusing on the processes that systematically create and destroy fracture porosity and that influence fracture size and spatial distribution. I am particularly interested in how diagenesis and fluid flow affect cracking. I use multiple methods, mainly including field, petrography (optical and SEM) and isotope geochemistry, to investigate the formation and growth of fractures and mineral veins in sedimentary rocks.

Current research

I successfully completed my PhD viva in 2016. My DPhil project focused on the formation and growth of mineral veins in mudrocks during burial and uplift, which aim at providing fundamental advances in our understanding of fracture and vein systems in fine-grained rocks. This work may hopefully provide analogues and background knowledge for underground subseismic fracture detection, seal integrity analysis, CO2 sequestration and shale gas extraction.

I was supervised by Joe Cartwright, Steve Hesselbo (Exeter), Bruce Levell (Oxford & Shell) and John Hooker.


Meng, Q., Cartwright, J., Hooker, J. Formation and growth of fibrous gypsum veins. Tectonics Studies Group Annual Meeting 2015, Edinburgh. Abstract volume.