Mr Matteo Paganoni

Matteo1Postgraduate Student


Educational background
*2013 till now: PhD student, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford
*2011-2013: University of Pavia (Italy), Master in Applied Geological Sciences (first class honours degree)
*2008-2011: University of Pavia (Italy), Bachelor in Geology and Natural Resources (first class honours degree)

Current project: Control on the Distribution of Methane Hydrates in Sedimentary Basins
The project aims to analyze the main geological factors affecting the gas hydrate distribution in different geological contests. The approach is multiscale and avails itself of different geological, geophysical and petrophysical methods. Gas hydrate are an important subject in the petroleum geosciences as a possible future unconventional resource and as a present-day geohazard. Moreover the variation in their distribution across time is thought to be related with major climate changes, affecting the carbon cycle.

Previous research:
*Diagenesis, sequence stratigraphy and role of stylolites in a giant oilfield (UAE) (Master thesis project)
*Fluid inclusion analysis in the cements of the Kharaib Fm. in a giant oilfield (UAE)
*Fluid inclusion analysis in a shear zone of the turbiditic accretionary complex of the ligurian Alps
*Sedimentological and structural analysis in the foreland succession of the Maritimes Alps (Bachelor thesis project)

Supervisor: Professor Joe Cartwright