Dr Martino Foschi

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Email: Martino.Foschi@earth.ox.ac.uk

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My research is focussed on the migration of hydrocarbon fluids because it impacts directly on the formation and on the evolution of both deep reservoirs and shallow commercial/hazardous accumulations of gas. I’m working primarily with seismic and well log data which represent one of the leading exploration methods used in oil and gas industries and also in scientific research. In detail my work involves rock physics analysis and quantitative seismic interpretation to understand the style and the impact of the hydrocarbon fluids on the host rocks. In particular I’m interested on how saturation and distribution of hydrocarbons varies within direct hydrocarbon indicators and how these parameters control the evolution of complex fluid flow structures observed within proliferous basins.

Within the Shell-Oxford Collaboration I’m directly and indirectly involved in many projects including, i) modelling and evolution of vertical anomaly clusters (VACs), ii) AVO, attribute analysis and quantitative interpretation of fluid flow structures, iii) modelling of gas hydrate systems and, iiii) regional scale dewatering systems. I’m the co-manager of the Shell Geoscience Laboratory (SGL).


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