Mr Linhao Fang

Postgraduate Student

Area of Study: Stratigraphy and Sedimentology
Supervisor: Stephen Hesselbo


Research Interests:

Terrestrial Carbon-isotope Stratigraphy: exploring new approaches to reconstruct the reliable terrestrial carbon-isotope records from shallow marine or continental deposits (palynological and compound-specific geochemical); to understand the paleoclimatology/paleocenvironment and carbon perturbation during the Early Jurassic (Toarcian-OAE, ~182.5 Ma) and the Early to Middle Miocene (Monterey Event, ~ 13.5-17.5 Ma; MMCO, ~14-16 Ma).

Geochemistry: organic geochemistry (decomposition of lignin polymer from kerogens or raw deposits); stable isotope geochemistry (carbon isotope of lignin monomers)

Theoretical study: why does carbon isotope of lignin monomers remain their original carbon isotope during diagenesis?

Current Projects:

My dissertation research is concentred on terrestrial carbon-isotope stratigraphy based on case studies from the Early to Middle Miocene and Early Jurassic examples.

Case Study 1: terrestrial organic matter in shallow marine deposits of the Atlantic Ocean margin, offshore New Jersey, USA (IODP Expedition 313)

Case Study 2: terrestrial organic matter in shallow marine deposits in the North Sea Basin, Denmark

Case Study 3: The Jurassic terrestrial carbon-isotope stratigraphy in fluvial and lacustrine deposits in Tarim Basin, NW China


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