Prof Joe Cartwright

Joe 3Professor of Earth Sciences

Telephone:  +44 (0)1865 282 525
(PA Maria Petrunova +44 (0)1865 282 060)

Research Profile
My research interests are in understanding process linkages between depositional, diagenetic and deformational processes in sedimentary basins. I have primarily used seismic data for this purpose, and have built laboratories at Imperial College, London and Cardiff prior to coming to Oxford to lead the Shell Geoscience Laboratory. I am particularly interested in developing quantitative methods in 3D seismic interpretation to gain a better understanding of basin shaping and filling processes. I was a PI in the major collaborative research programme between Oxford and Shell. Current projects include: the development of natural fractures in mudrocks, controls on the development of unconventional hydrocarbon resources, geological sequestration of carbon dioxide, the propagation of tectonic faults, the genesis of polygonal fault systems, the mechanics of sandstone and igneous intrusions, the genesis of giant submarine landslides, mechanisms and controls on highly focused fluid venting, the seismic characterisation of mudrocks as seals, and the seismic analysis of diagenetic reactions.

Teaching Profile
3rd Year: Earth Resources, Basins

Field Courses:
1st year; Pembrokeshire
2nd year: Dorset
3rd year: Spain

Selected Publications

Bird, PC, Cartwright, JA, Davies TL, (2015) “Basement reactivation in the development of rift basins: an example of reactivated Caledonide structures in the West Orkney Basin”. Journal of the Geological Society, 172 (1), 77-85

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