Dr Jenny Huggett

photo_jenny_184Consultant Petrographer & Clay Mineralogist

1990-present      Heathfield, East Sussex – Consultant Petrographer  & Clay Mineralogist, specialising in electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction, and working for a wide range of clients including Petroleum Companies, Geotechnical and Conservation organisations.

1998-2001          Part time (20%) post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Greenwich, and Honorary Research Fellow of Imperial College.

2001-present      Academic Associate of the Natural History Museum. In this capacity I have been involved in joint research with Javier Cuadros (NHM), Andy Gale (Portsmouth), Fred Longstaffe (Ontario), Stephen Hesselbo (Oxford), Stuart Burley (Cairn, India), David Nash (Brighton).

1991-1994          Imperial College department of geology Groves Bursary for study of the diagenesis of Tertiary mudrocks from the North Sea and surrounding onshore equivalents. Work focused on the petrography of these mudrocks using Back-scattered SEM, TEM, ICP, XRD and stable isotope analysis.

1992                   Three month sabbatical, funded by the British Council, to the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis at the University of Queensland.

1984-1989           British Petroleum Exploration Company Ltd., London


1979-1982           PhD (University of London) – Imperial College of Science and Technology, London. Awarded the 1982 Judd prize for research (Imperial College).

1975-1979           BSc(Hons) Geology – Imperial College of Science and Technology, London.