Mr James Scaife


2009-2013: MSci Geology and Geophysics. Royal School of Mines, Imperial College London

My project seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the principal controls on the quality of source rocks, particularly the effects of local controls on source rock presence and quality within a petroliferous basin.

I plan to do this by using a series of targeted case studies of source-bearing depositional intervals in a number of basins using a combination of field/laboratory-based analytical approaches and seismic-stratigraphic analysis. Outcrop samples of source rock intervals will be collected for high resolution petrographic and stable isotope analysis. Seismic stratigraphic interpretation will focus on placing source rock intervals in a depositional system context, and in recognising forcing factors evident from the seismic-well correlations In addition to documenting source rock quality variations in a range of depositional contexts, and examining source rock variation on a basin scale through calibration of seismic stratigraphy with well data, my project will also consider the role that diagenesis plays in the physical property evolution of source bearing depositional units.

Joe Cartwight, Stephen Hesselbo and Joe Brannan (Shell)