Dr Don Porcelli

Don P profile pictureAssociate Professor of Geochemistry

Telephone:  +44 1865 282 140 (PA: Maria Petrunova)

Email:  don.porcelli@earth.ox.ac.uk

Researh Profile

My research has been focused on understanding a range of processes in the Earth Sciences using trace element distributions and isotope ratios, both with laboratory measurements and quantitative models. This includes research in:

  • The origin of volatiles in the terrestrial planets and their distribution within the Earth using noble gas isotopes and models of planetary growth and interior structure.
  • Weathering, water-rock interaction, and aqueous transport using naturally occurring radionuclides in the U and Th decay series and a range of trace metal stable isotopes.
  •  The geochemistry of the Arctic Ocean to trace the circulation and behaviour of terrestrial inputs, to identify sediment-water interactions in coastal regions, and to quantify the fluxes of terrestrial carbon.
  • The geochemistry of the Lena River of eastern Siberia that supplies nutrients and trace metals to the Arctic Ocean, and which drains a vast area underlain by permafrost subject to substantial changes during climate warming.
  • The isotopic changes in trace elements due to weathering, water-rock interactions, and microbial processes, as the basis for developing methods for tracing environmental processes.
  • The reconstruction of paleoenvironments in depositional basins using isotopic signatures found in sediments, including redox conditions and the sources of deposited material.

Selected Publications (Extended Publications)

Porcelli D, 2014. A method for determining the extent of bulk 210Po and 210Pb adsorption in aquifers. Chem. Geol. in press.

Armytage RMG, Jephcoat AP, Bouhifd MA, and Porcelli D, 2013. Metal-silicate partitioning of iodine at high pressures and temperatures: implications for the Earth’s core and 129Xe budgets. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 373, 140-149.

Pogge von Strandmann, PAE, Burton, KW, Porcelli, D, James, RH, van Calsteren, P, Gislason, SR, (2011) ‘Transport and exchange of U-series nuclides between suspended material, dissolved load and colloids in rivers draining basaltic terrains’, EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS. pp. 125-136 doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2010.10.029

Persson, P-O, Andersson, PS, Zhang, J, Porcelli, D, (2011) ‘Determination of Nd Isotopes in Water: A Chemical Separation Technique for Extracting Nd from Seawater Using a Chelating Resin’, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY. pp. 1336-1341 doi: 10.1021/ac102559k

Porcelli, D, (2007) ‘Earth science – When crust is bred’, NATURE. pp. 863-864 doi: 10.1038/446863a