Dr Claudia Bertoni

Claudia-smallPost Doctoral Research Associate

Email: Claudia.Bertoni@earth.ox.ac.uk

Current project

In the framework of the Shell Geoscience Laboratory, I am applying seismic stratigraphy and attributes analysis to investigate how low-permeability rocks act as source rocks, migration pathways and seals. I am seeking new ways of identifying and characterising the diverse effects of fluid mobilization and diagenetic events in the subsurface, both qualitatively and quantitatively. A particular focus is on understanding the mechanisms that drive fluid migration and expulsion events in marine sedimentary basins, and placing them in an evolutionary context.

Previous research

My background is in sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy and petroleum geology. My previous research focused on the analysis of continental margins and evaporitic systems on reflection seismic data. As an exploration geoscientist in the petroleum industry, I have applied the interpretation of integrated subsurface data to a variety of sedimentary basins, in the circum-European, Asia-Pacific and East Africa regions.

Main publications

Bertoni C., Cartwright, J. (2015) ‘Messinian evaporites and fluid flow’. Marine and Petroleum Geology, v. 66, Part 1, Pages 165–176

Bertoni C., Cartwright J. & Hermanrud C. (2013) “Evidence for large scale methane venting due to rapid drawdown of sea level during the Messinian Salinity Crisis”. Geology, v. 41, p. 371-374.

Bertoni C. & Alvarez J. (2012) “Interplay between submarine depositional processes and recent tectonics in the Biak Basin, Western Papua, Eastern Indonesia. Berita Sedimentologi 23, 42-46.

Frey, J., Bertoni C., Gerard J., Matias H.  (2010) “3D seismic analysis of submarine landsliding and fluid escape structures on the Ebro Continental Margin: Implications for offshore facility planning” SEPM Special Publication 96, 181-198.

Bertoni C., Vallaure, T. Herra A. Gorocica, K.  (2007) “Seal characterization by integrated 3D seismic and well data: CO2 storage-Casablanca Field (Offshore Spain)”, AAPG International Conference.

Bertoni C. & Cartwright J. (2007) “Clastic depositional systems at the base of the late Miocene evaporites in the Levant region, Eastern Mediterranean”. in: Evaporites through space and time, Ed. C. Schreiber et al., Geological Society of London Special Publications, 285, 37-52.

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