Dr Ben Manton

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Email: BenM@earth.ox.ac.ukBenM_picture2


I am using seismic reflection data to understand better fluid flow in basin settings. During my PhD I investigated the propagation of magma to produce sills and the formation of vents initiated by hydrothermal activity around the sills. I am now investigating the fluid flow of hydrocarbons as well as their accumulations and how hydrocarbons leak from reservoirs. In particular, I am interested in how structures affect fluid flow in low permeability lithological units.


PhD, Cardiff University, 2015 – The Mechanics of Sill Propagation and Associated Venting, Investigated using 3D Seismic Data from Offshore Norway [http://orca.cf.ac.uk/75498/]

Internship, Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research, Oslo, Norway, 2013

MSci Natural Sciences (Geology and Physics), Durham University, 2010


Planke, S., Svensen, H., Myklebust, R., Bannister, S., Manton, B., and Lorenz, L. 2014. Geophysics and Remote Sensing. In: Physical Geology of Shallow Magmatic Systems; Springar.