Ms Allison Bryan

Allison BryanPostgraduate Student



2014-present: D.Phil student. Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford

2012-2014: M.Sc. Geochemistry. Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana

2007-2011: B.Sc. Geology. Bowling Green State University, Ohio


My project seeks to investigate the relationship between the metal isotope signatures of sediments and those of overlying waters in different environments. The research involves examining cadmium isotopic compositions in deposited sediments and Cd isotope signatures of both waters and particles from the overlying water column. Cd is an important biologically active trace metal in the marine realm that preferentially uptakes light Cd isotopes. A direct comparison of the Cd isotope variations within sedimentary rocks and the overlying waters may be useful for linking sedimentary data with depositional conditions that are conducive to organic matter production and/or preservation. This information along with TOC, C isotopes, mineralogy, and major elemental analyses will provide a basis for interpreting sedimentary rock data. Samples for the project include those from past research cruises and future fieldwork.


Dr. Don Porcelli, Professor Gideon Henderson, Dr. Alex Dickson, and Dr. Sander van den Boorn (Shell)


Bryan, A.L., Dong, S., Wilkes, E.B., Wasylenki, L.E. (In Press, January 2015). Zinc isotope fractionation during adsorption onto Mn oxyhydroxide at low and high ionic strength. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

Snyder, J.A., Cherepanova, M.V., Bryan, A. (2013). Dynamic diatom response to changing climate 0-1.2 Ma at Lake El’gygytgyn, Far East Russian Arctic. Clim. Past. 9, 1309-1319.

Chapligin, B., Meyer, H., Bryan, A., Snyder, J. and Kemnitz, H. (2012). Assessment of purification and contamination correction methods for analysing the oxygen isotope composition from biogenic silica. Chemical Geology. 300, 185-199.