Shell-Oxford mid-project review, 25 November 2015


Shell: Glen Cayley, Keith Gerdes, James Eldrett, Olaf Podlaha, Dirk Smit, Ben Stephenson, Sander van den Boorn, Pieter van Rensbergen

Oxford PIs: Joe Cartwright (Chair), Gideon Henderson, Stephen Hesselbo (now at University of Exeter), Hugh Jenkyns, Don Porcelli

Visiting professors: Erdem Idiz, Bruce Levell

Oxford PDRAs: Sietske Batenburg, Claudia Bertoni, Luck Bridgestock, Alex Dickson, Marino Foschi, Olga Gorbanenko, John Hooker, Ben Manton, Mel Murphy, Micha Ruhl, Jenny Huggett (Petroclays)

Oxford doctoral students: Allison Bryan, Israa Abu Mahfouz, Quingfeng Meng, Matteo Paganoni, James Scaife, Marisa Storm, Tim Sweere,Weimu Xu,

Other Oxford researchers:  Stuart Robinson, Chris Ballentine, Nick Tosca

Schedule of the day

9.30     Coffee (Wager)

10.00   Welcome by Gideon Henderson, Head of Department

10.15   Overall introduction to Shell-Oxford collaboration: history, background and overall set up (Joe Cartwright and Keith Gerdes)

10.30   Administration overview of personnel and finances of the three tasks (Don Porcelli)

10.45   Coffee

10.50   Task 1: setting the scene + Q&A (Pieter van Rensbergen, Joe Cartwright)

11.10   Task 2: setting the scene + Q&A (Olaf Podlaha, Micha Ruhl)

11.30   Task 3: setting the scene + Q&A  (Sander van den Boorn, Alex Dickson)

11.50   Task 1 Poster session in SGL (Claudia Bertoni, Martino Foschi, John Hooker, Ben Manton, Quingfeng Meng, Matteo Paganoni)

12.40   Lunch (Wager)

13.40   Task 2 Poster session in SEM lab (Sietske Batenburg, Olga Gorbanenko, Micha Ruhl, James Scaife, Marisa Storm, Weimu Xu)

14.30   Task 3 Poster session in 1700 mass spec lab (Luke Bridgestock, Alex Dickson, Mel Murphy, Allison Bryan, Tim Sweere)

15.20   Tea break (Wager)

15.40   Synthesis (Joe Cartwright, Micha Ruhl, Alex Dickson)

16.10   Outlook (Gideon Henderson, Joe Cartwright)

16.50   Discussion and feedback

17.30   Close

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