CGG Donates Hampson-Russell Software to University of Oxford

CGG GeoSoftware has donated its Hampson-Russell geophysical software suite, covering all aspects of seismic exploration and reservoir characterization, to the University of Oxford in the UK. The donated software suite, worth over $600,000, will enable students to better explore quantitative seismic interpretation in the context of hydrocarbon exploration

The CGS news release quotes Martino Foschi, postdoctoral research associate and co-manager of the Shell Geoscience Laboratory, who commented: “The fundamental questions faced in academic research require top-quality and reliable software designed to provide scientifically rigorous results. The Shell Geoscience Laboratory and the University of Oxford were therefore pleased to secure this Hampson-Russell donation given its standing as one of the most established geophysical software packages in the oil and gas industry and its reputation for delivering high-quality quantitative analysis of seismic data. We are grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with CGG, which will enable our students to develop quantitative research skills that focus their knowledge of the physical and elastic properties of sediments, and their relationship with geofluids. These are valuable transferable skills for their future careers.”

Read the full CGG news release.

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