Dr Erdem Idiz of Shell gave talks at the Department of Earth Sciences

22/10 – 26/11/2014: Dr Erdem Idiz, Shell’s leading technical expert in petroleum geochemistry and basin modelling, gave series of talks on petroleum systems analysis. The following topics were covered:
1. Intro/What is Oil and Gas
What is a Petroleum System – key elements
Basic petroleum chemistry, the organic geochemist’s approach to petroleum GEOchemistry
2. Where do Oil and gas come from? –
Formation of source rocks. How do we characterize, analyze and classify source rocks
3. From Source rocks (Kerogen) to Oil and gas –
Kerogen Conversion, the concept of maturity and kinetics.
The special case of Sulphur/Sulfur
4. Basin Modelling/Modeling
Crustal structure, heatflow, calibration
Maturity, conversion and migration modelling
5. Oil and Gas typing –
Biomass, lithology, maturity, age, in-reservoir processes
6. Exploration integrated case study

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