Congratulations to Israa Abu-Mahfouz

Congratulations to Israa, who has been selected as a grant recipient for the 2017 American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation Grants-in-Aid Program.

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Research story on the Oxford Science Blog

Read about “Lakes as well as oceans: understanding new evidence of the impact of climate change in the Early Jurassic Period” on

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Shell Basin Modelling course, 14 – 15 March 2016

Andy Bell (Shell)

Andy Bell (Shell)

Lorcan Kennan (Shell)

Lorcan Kennan (Shell)

Andy Bell and Lorcan Kennan (Shell) gave us a short course about their basin modelling work.  This is a course normally run in the company, but they provided it to the Shell-Oxford research group to help us put our results and future thinking into context.

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Shell-led workshop, 15 – 16 February 2016


James Eldrett (Shell)

James Eldrett (Shell) visited Shell-Oxford research group on the 15th–19th of February 2016.

James gave a two day awareness workshop and met with postgraduate students to discuss their individual DPhil-projects.

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Exploring the Rhone delta canyons in Lake Geneva since François-Alphonse Forel

Pablo Corella Aznar

Dr Pablo Corella Aznar (SNRC)

Dr Pablo Corella Aznar of SNRC gave a talk on the 10th February 2016

Dr Pablo Corella Aznar finished his BSc (2006) and MSc (2008) in Earth Sciences at the University of Zaragoza. He did his PhD in sedimentary geology (2011) at the Spanish National Research Council in collaboration with the German GeoforschungsZentrum (GFZ/ Potsdam), where he spent almost one year, and California State University. His PhD was mostly based on modern carbonates depositional systems. After his PhD, Pablo was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Geneva in Switzerland where he studied the Rhone delta in Lake Geneva (the topic of his talk). Since 2012 he is a sedimentologist working at the Spanish National Research Council where he is conducting research in fluvial, marine and lacustrine quaternary systems.

Summary: click here for a summary of Dr Corella’s talk

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Shell-Oxford mid-project review, 25 November 2015


Shell: Glen Cayley, Keith Gerdes, James Eldrett, Olaf Podlaha, Dirk Smit, Ben Stephenson, Sander van den Boorn, Pieter van Rensbergen

Oxford PIs: Joe Cartwright (Chair), Gideon Henderson, Stephen Hesselbo (now at University of Exeter), Hugh Jenkyns, Don Porcelli

Visiting professors: Erdem Idiz, Bruce Levell

Oxford PDRAs: Sietske Batenburg, Claudia Bertoni, Luck Bridgestock, Alex Dickson, Marino Foschi, Olga Gorbanenko, John Hooker, Ben Manton, Mel Murphy, Micha Ruhl, Jenny Huggett (Petroclays)

Oxford doctoral students: Allison Bryan, Israa Abu Mahfouz, Quingfeng Meng, Matteo Paganoni, James Scaife, Marisa Storm, Tim Sweere,Weimu Xu,

Other Oxford researchers:  Stuart Robinson, Chris Ballentine, Nick Tosca

Schedule of the day

9.30     Coffee (Wager)

10.00   Welcome by Gideon Henderson, Head of Department

10.15   Overall introduction to Shell-Oxford collaboration: history, background and overall set up (Joe Cartwright and Keith Gerdes)

10.30   Administration overview of personnel and finances of the three tasks (Don Porcelli)

10.45   Coffee

10.50   Task 1: setting the scene + Q&A (Pieter van Rensbergen, Joe Cartwright)

11.10   Task 2: setting the scene + Q&A (Olaf Podlaha, Micha Ruhl)

11.30   Task 3: setting the scene + Q&A  (Sander van den Boorn, Alex Dickson)

11.50   Task 1 Poster session in SGL (Claudia Bertoni, Martino Foschi, John Hooker, Ben Manton, Quingfeng Meng, Matteo Paganoni)

12.40   Lunch (Wager)

13.40   Task 2 Poster session in SEM lab (Sietske Batenburg, Olga Gorbanenko, Micha Ruhl, James Scaife, Marisa Storm, Weimu Xu)

14.30   Task 3 Poster session in 1700 mass spec lab (Luke Bridgestock, Alex Dickson, Mel Murphy, Allison Bryan, Tim Sweere)

15.20   Tea break (Wager)

15.40   Synthesis (Joe Cartwright, Micha Ruhl, Alex Dickson)

16.10   Outlook (Gideon Henderson, Joe Cartwright)

16.50   Discussion and feedback

17.30   Close

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Weimu Xu Awarded Climate Conference Prize

Congratulations to Weimu Xu, DPhil student with the Oxford-Shell Research Lab, who was awarded the prize for best student oral contribution during the Conference “Climates of the past – lessons for the future.” The conference was held from July 5th to July 10th 2015 on Monte Verità in Ascona, Switzerland.

Weimu, pWeimu 2015 prizeictured with her prize certificate above, was nominated for her presentation entitled “Lacustrine expansion and carbon drawdown during the early Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event – a case study of the Lower Jurassic Da’anzhai Member, Sichuan Basin, China”

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Natural Resources seminar series, Hilary Term 2015


28/01, Dr Anna Korre: CO2 storage site characterisation, monitoring and risk assessment

04/02, Prof Guy Plint: Dynamic linkages between subsidence, stratal geometry, facies distributions and Cordilleran deformation: Cretaceous of Western Canada Foreland Basin.

11/02, Prof Bruce Levell: Oil, Glaciation and Salt dissolution : Oman and Michigan.

25/02, Dr Mike Simmons: Hydrocarbon Exploration Creativity – Have We Lost our Mojo? And If So, Can We Get It Back?

04/03, Prof Guy Plint: Mudstone is the new sandstone, – and it needs our love!

11/03, Prof Bruce Levell: Oil from the Ediacaran of Oman

For more information click on Natural Resources Seminar Series. Every Wednesday, 4 – 5pm, Seminar Rooms 1-2.

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CGG Donates Hampson-Russell Software to University of Oxford

CGG GeoSoftware has donated its Hampson-Russell geophysical software suite, covering all aspects of seismic exploration and reservoir characterization, to the University of Oxford in the UK. The donated software suite, worth over $600,000, will enable students to better explore quantitative seismic interpretation in the context of hydrocarbon exploration

The CGS news release quotes Martino Foschi, postdoctoral research associate and co-manager of the Shell Geoscience Laboratory, who commented: “The fundamental questions faced in academic research require top-quality and reliable software designed to provide scientifically rigorous results. The Shell Geoscience Laboratory and the University of Oxford were therefore pleased to secure this Hampson-Russell donation given its standing as one of the most established geophysical software packages in the oil and gas industry and its reputation for delivering high-quality quantitative analysis of seismic data. We are grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with CGG, which will enable our students to develop quantitative research skills that focus their knowledge of the physical and elastic properties of sediments, and their relationship with geofluids. These are valuable transferable skills for their future careers.”

Read the full CGG news release.

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Workshop on seismic characterisation of fluid flow in basins and fractures in mudrocks, 19 – 20 November 2014

Workshop on seismic characterisation of fluid flow in basins and fractures in mudrocks took place in Oxford on 19 – 20 November 2014

The following presentations were held

Basin Scale Fluid Flow

Claudia Bertoni: Scope of Fluids Theme, Result Highlights

Martino Foschi: QI of DHIs

Matteo Paganoni: Hydrates Project

James Scaife: NZ case study: Palaeocene source rocks of the GSB/CB

Fracture Analysis

John Hooker: Project Overview

Qingfeng Meng: Fractures in the Mercia Mudstone

Isra’a Abu Mahfouz: An Introduction to the Jordan Fracture Project

Shahab Varkouhi: Time temperature relationships for silica diagenesis


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